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Forever Home Beagle Rescue

Completing happy families, one beagle at a time. 

Owner Surrenders

Due to the very urgent life or death circumstances, our primary focus is on saving dogs who are about to be killed in shelters. That means that we use most of our very limited space and resources to save dogs who are in immediate danger.

That said, we do also do all we can to help people who need assistance with their personal dogs, however, please keep in mind that each owned dog surrendered takes a life-saving spot away from another dog who is in danger of death. Please also know that we receive seemingly endless requests daily from people wanting us to take their dogs - something that we find both sad and frustrating. We strongly believe that choosing to be a dog guardian is a lifetime commitment, and we expect guardians to exhaust every possible solution prior to surrendering your dog. Surrender should be your absolute LAST resort after all else has failed.

If you are having behavior issues, very often training (positive, force-free only!) will quickly solve the problem.  If this is the case, we may be able to help you . Please let us know what the issues are and we can either offer suggestions or refer you to one of our excellent trainers.

If you are short on time, we suggest hiring a dogsitter or getting a friend/neighbor/responsible teenager to come let your dog out, installing a doggie door if you have a safe, secure yard or adopting/fostering a playmate/friend for your dog. If you are moving, many rental properties allow pets. You owe it to your dog, a family member, to include them in your new household in the same way you would you child.

If you are having a baby, beagles are typically great with kids, and we or one of our trainers can help you introduce them successfully. Unless you would give up your first child because you're having a second, it doesn't make any more sense to give up your dog just because you had a child.

If you absolutely must surrender your dog, please email us at [email protected] We will ask you to sign a surrender form and serve as foster while we look for a new home. This reduces the trauma to your dog by moving him/her from home to home to home.